Choosing a Sewing Professional

No matter which sewing and design professional you eventually use, they should offer you personalized service, custom fit tailoring, unique clothing design, and outstanding workmanship.  The question most people ask themselves is "How do I find a competent tailor or seamstress who can help me look my best?"


When you first meet with the sewing and design professional you have contacted, have several questions prepared ahead of time to ask them.  For example, what kind of work do they specialize in, how long have they been in business, or do they have the equipment needed to do a professional job?  Do they have a portfolio to show samples of their work, and a list of references?  Do they have a website that answers these questions, and perhaps offers more detailed information as well?


If you are bringing your clothes in for alterations be sure to wear the undergarments and shoes that you will wear with the garment being altered.  The amount of work required to improve the fit, and the way the garment was originally constructed will affect the price of the alterations.


At an initial consultation, bring your design ideas for custom garments.  Having photos, sketches, sample garments and fabric swatches will be helpful.  The price of a custom garment often depends upon design details, fabrics, trims, pattern development, fitting issues, and the amount of sewing time needed. 


Describing the specific work, pricing, completion date, payment, and other details is usually spelled-out in a formal written contract.  The contract ensures that everyone's expectations are clearly understood. To book the work into the sewing professional's schedule normally requires a deposit.  Before your finished garment can leave the sewing professional's shop, payment in full is usually required.


If you must cancel a fitting, give your sewing professional at least a full day's notice.  Call your sewing professional if you will be late for your appointment.  Understand that if you change your mind about a design, or if your body size changes, that additional charges could be incurred due to the extra work that may be required to finish the garment (applies to both custom garments and alterations).  


Hopefully, you will decide to entrust your garments to Alterations and Design, which offers a tailor who has over 44 years of experience in the business!